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Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired Interpersonal relationship and communication, and by restricted and ...
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Common Autism treatments discussed around the web
Melatonin 2,312 Risperdal 1,869 Risperidone 627
845,533 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
845,533 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
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Autism & Eye Rolling

0.38% of the posts that mention Eye Rolling also mention Autism (91 posts)
Eye Rolling
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Eye Rolling
We found 91 discussions
" ...SURE son is autistic - yet to ...shake his head and have eye rolling moments. MRI came bck the right place. Am I likely to be rght that this is autism, if so what kind does It s "

" I'm SURE son is autistic - yet to be diagnosed ...shake his head and have eye rolling moments. MRI came bck normal. rght that this is autism, if so what kind does... "

" ...good thing I knew he was autistic, because he spent the entire ...arms folded, head tossing and eyes rolling like a bored teenager. I... "

" ...who's kids have recovered from autism using IV glutathione ...know. Those GSH pathes (eyes rolling) JJill James protocol boosts GSH levels- hence Jamie Deckoff-Jones use of Deplin and MB-12. ... "

" ...developments in autistic teen following Keppra My 15 year old severely autistic son began having ...consisted of his eyes rolling upwards and a brief loss of consciousness, which was controlled ... "

" ...Its only after reading about autism that I though Holy Shit ...become much more prominent lately as well as his eye rolling. Siiiiigh, bless him. Just wish I knew what I... "

" ...& Tourette's My youngest son has autism and has always had physical tics which are characteristics of autism. Over the past few ...different then his brother's. He has eye rolling & verbal in... "

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" ...and heartinthecountry have both said your DS's eye rolling and twitching sounds more like an autistic trait - sensory ...- just like autism is on a ...Most of my experience with seizures rela... "

" ...the meal) sat through my favorite episode of the Power Puff ...and trying to hide his eye rolling from me. I found love ...with severe mental retardation and autism when he said my name... "

" ...few years and then throat clearning/eye rolling/leg jerking tics started in December ...have crappy DNA\" side note my youngest has autism & my oldest has Asperger's & ADHD. Never a... "

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