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Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired Interpersonal relationship and communication, and by restricted and ...
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Common Autism treatments discussed around the web
Melatonin 2,308 Risperdal 1,863 Risperidone 627
844,133 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
844,133 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Autism

Autism & Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

1.63% of the posts that mention Ehlers Danlos Syndrome also mention Autism (82 posts)
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
We found 82 discussions
" ...have 3 children with hypotonia age 10,3 ...3 of my children have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3 they the process of autism diagnosis and my youngest is suspected of having autism. There... "

" ...high functioning autism with asperges traits, adhd, dyspraxia, bowel problems, ehlers danlos syndrome, vonwillebrands disease and a few other medical issues. Benjamin has Ehlers Danlos... "

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" ...My 14yo has had a confirmed dx of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue ...with other then autism. In my professional ...pediatric SLP and have worked with many kids with autism... "

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" ...all together i have ehlers-danlos syndrome my daughter and my ...behavioral problems,astigmatism,excmar also poss autism and auditory processing ...poss hypermobility and autism .... "

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" ...Syndrome Dear Listmates, I am remembering that Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome has come up on related to autism and other I ...helpful Web sites on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but am looking for... "

" ...7 year old DS had PDD, ADHD, ODD, staring siezures, and ehlers danlos syndrome. I was told that children with ODD usually have a form of autism, or ADD/ADHD. However every child... "

" Yes Sebela thats true, and as you know ALL my boys have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as well......however EDS doesnt have autism or intellectual disability (well one rare type of eds does have II but... "

" ...8 1/2 yrs ( he has autism/ asperges, ADHD, Hypotonia, VonWilleBrands Disease and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). Benjamin is 20 ...Haemaplegia cerebral palsy, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Hypotonia). A... "

" ...Does anyone have any experience with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome? I am pretty sure my extended family has this ...and my other son has a form of Autism. This all gets so caught... "

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" ...have been diagnosed with ehlers danlos syndrome type 3 ...children def does not have autism etc yet the other hospital says she does. we have had our concerns since she was 12 months. but they j... "

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