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Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired Interpersonal relationship and communication, and by restricted and ...
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Common Autism treatments discussed around the web
Melatonin 2,308 Risperdal 1,866 Risperidone 627
844,213 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
844,213 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Autism

Autism & Color Blindness

0.61% of the posts that mention Color Blindness also mention Autism (45 posts)
Color Blindness
We found 45 discussions
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" ...reason the boys in my family have autism/aspergers and severe color blindness I love them so much... "

" My older son has some color blindness. I thought it was only a male thing. I ...ready to show me he could do it. He has since been dx with Autism and I have learned that he only does things... "

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" ...families has EVER had color blindness including all the cousins,etc. ...explained in relation to autism by Dr. Megson, Richmond, VA, at the April 6, 2000 autism hearings. Steph wrote:... "

" vision and autism Hi, my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2 ...him a visual test for color blindness and he failed all but ...on any visual impairment and autism... so I don't know wh... "

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" ...the top of my head: muscular dystrophy, haemophilia, autism, dyslexia, colour-blindness. Plus a lot of... "

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" This. Also, maybe autism is x-linked, like colour blindness? Another possibility is that some Simon Baron-Cohen, think autism is a form... "

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" ...has problems with color blindness or other visual ...eye problem because he is experiencing color blindness and other vision difficulties ...who understands \" the autistic spectrum \" .... "

" ...start going bald. You girls are lucky that you don't have balding problems, autism, color blindness, you live longer, less prone to heart disease and cancers, down syndrome, the... "

" ..., schizophrenia may be even colour-blindness and autism so yeas may be your right but people don't argue about whether colour-blindness is really and that perception... "

" ...a waste of time. My epilepsy was diagnosed at about ...missing.....Try getting him tested for colour blindness as well...a bit of a ...sometimes help as well. My son is autistic and I've test... "

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