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Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired Interpersonal relationship and communication, and by restricted and ...
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Common Autism treatments discussed around the web
Melatonin 2,305 Risperdal 1,861 Risperidone 627
843,576 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
843,576 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
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Autism & Carnitine

We found 173 discussions
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" Did BCAA help any autistic children? I know there was research done by some ...I wouldn't traumatize my son with this nasty-tasting stuff just because of that. Carnitine does it too and tastes bett... "

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" ...a gene that helps cells synthesize a biomolecule called carnitine and the risk of autism in some boys. Beaudetís... (Source: Proceedings of the National... "

" Carnitine- helps? As I have stated ...the mito road, but Dr. K has prescribed carnitine for both my kids to see any developmental/reduction in autistic features? Also, if you have... "

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" ...regression following the MMR and autistic like symptoms. THere are lots of different mitochondrial disorders though. Check out carnitine (ask your paed). It can be helpful in some... "

" Dr. Kenneth Bock and \"The Autism Book\" by Dr. Bob Sears. ...treatments. Specifically acetyl-L-carnitine (DD tested deficient in carnitine), Coenzyme Q10, Behavior Balance DMG,... "

" ...of people use carnitine as a supplement, ...of things. See here: If Kate's levels are ...not doing well about giving her fish oil... "

" ...that the depletion of carnitine in CFS is due ...Methylation is required to synthesize carnitine in the body. Some also ...PWCs do benefit from supplementing carnitine, but the longer term s... "

" children on the autism spectrum. Carnitine supplementation can help with ...her DAN-affiliated dr. started her on acetyl-L-carnitine (she had tested low in carnitine). DMG also helped wit... "

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" ...if you're still around). 3) Enzymes 4) Vitamins, minerals, carnitine, coQ10, and probiotics 5) Speech therapy by someone who knows autism What didn't work for my guy was: 1) TEACCH... "

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" ...things that do cause autism in particular individuals (it's ...prescription for his condition. His autism is at least ...of his autism's cause. It doesn't mirror the autism others are experie... "

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