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Autism is a Neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired Interpersonal relationship and communication, and by restricted and ...
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Common Autism treatments discussed around the web
Melatonin 2,308 Risperdal 1,867 Risperidone 627
845,048 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
845,048 conversations around the web about Autism to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Autism

Autism & Beta Blockers

We found 157 discussions
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" Propranolol for anxiety? I take propranolol ...lorazepam, propranolol doesn't cause drowsiness. It has been studied to treat ASD symptoms of irritability and ...anybody here used propranolol for... "

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" ...depressed in 2001, ...underactive thyroid instead. Dx \"anxiety\" in 2002, given benzos and propranolol neither of which worked as such, found out that it was autism and epilepsy instead. GPs... "

" my boy was on tegretol 750mg and VP 1200mg ...communicate what was he feeling...was given propranolol...was given ativan, atasol...i mean pumped ...he craved so much... and we were told was his ... "

" ...autistic but she does ...convulsing with it and had to come off it, prozac ...Shes currently on atenolol (beta blocker), haloperidol and lofepramine (a combination that works well for her par... "

" ...after the sudden death of my husband. (Still had ...raise under 18.. 2 with autism.) I hated being dependent on ...attack. I am 60 now.I am happy to say that I am toprol free. ....Each d... "

" ...because I'm mentally handicapped. I am Autistic and dyslexic. I also suffer with depression and mild heart problems. currently on antidepressants and beta blockers which are supposed to ... "

" ...attends a specialist autistic school, its an amazeing school. When he was younger and at the start of his psychosis it was hard to tell which parts were psychosis, bipolar, gad and autism. Hes 17... "

" ...caused by her use of beta blockers. I agree that bb's could wife was on a beta blocker at 100 mg for a ...down to 12.5 mg of beta blocker. I mean did your mom... "

" ...Autism, and Sensory Integration Dysfunction, so he tends to be pretty anxious too, but about other things. He loses days during an episode, I don't think he knows what happens, therefore will not ... "

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" ...wont take it as there beta blocker...i stress every minute of the ...7 and 3 youngest is autistic so hard in itself i stress iv startes getting panic attacks i have noo clue... "

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