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Attention-Seeking Behavior

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(Attention seeking behaviour)
4,911 conversations around the web about Attention-Seeking Behavior to help you make a decision
4,911 conversations around the web about Attention-Seeking Behavior to help you make a decision
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Attention-Seeking Behavior & Elderly

We found 10 discussions
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" ...She has been on sertraline (Zoloft), 50 typical of the elderly. C. Her depression is not well controlled. D. She is engaging in attention-seeking behavior. E. She is suffering... "

" We have an elderly male neighbor across the street ...from one neighbor that he was diabetic so we made some his case it's mostly attention-seeking behavior and I'm willing to humor... "

" Attention seeking behavior. People covered in tattoos that ...Bomb around small children and elderly ladies. Drunk drivers. Jus... "

" ...don't want to worry my elderly grandfathers either. I feel my ...or even just to remind them that I exist? Attention-seeking behaviour, all this illness, that's what they will say. Better... "

" ...a good 60% of elderly people, usually the ones facilities. it starts with attention-seeking behavior, such as complaints of every so common among the elderly that it's almost a... "

Post from
" ...depression. She has been on sertraline, 50 mg ...that is typical of the elderly. c)Her depression is not well controlled. d)She is engaging in attention-seeking behavior. e)She is suffering f... "

" ...Children and the elderly, usually stop seeking ...that he/she can't understand. Attention seeking behavior is deviced to hog such different. The attention seeking behavior makes the O... "

Post from
" the peeing problems are too terrible - just attention seeking behavior (and if you can't get the pee smell all ...had that problem with an elderly cat once and it took... "

" ...but actually disagreed with FPU. It is attention seeking behaviour, and if it were anyone your own grandmother. And you may find elderly neighbors who are... "

" ...leaves and shovel snow for elderly neighbors, etc and talk about ...that it may not be as simple as an attention-seeking behavior. He really might have feelings behind those actions. Just... "

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