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Atrophy is the partial or complete wasting away of a part of the body. Causes of atrophy include mutations (which can destroy the gene...
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Common Atrophy treatments discussed around the web
Vagifem 973 Estrace 587 Estradiol 369
72,593 conversations around the web about Atrophy to help you make a decision
72,593 conversations around the web about Atrophy to help you make a decision
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Atrophy & Bladder Problems

0.39% of the posts that mention Bladder Problems also mention Atrophy (146 posts)
Bladder Problems
We found 146 discussions
" ...whilst I was suffering for atrophy, along with other symptoms which are very similar to IC.... Now that I am established on vaginal oestrogen (Vagifem), the bladder problems have gone away... "

" ...Hi, I had my hysterectomey in Aug 2003 and I kept both ovaries. I've had some bladder issues and found out I have IC. I also have atrophy and my gyno gave me both Premarin Cream and... "

" ...I thought were recurrent yeast infections but with none of the yucky discharge that goes along with them. Everything was dry and actually looked shriveled and almost recessed into the body. When ... "

" ...Vagifem and find it wonderful. -It has made a huge difference and I actually feel very comfortable and 'normal' again... "

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" ...and have been diagnosed with vaginal atrophy that has contributed to bladder problems. I am using vaginal ...compounding pharmacy. I has really helped my vaginal and bladder issues. I suggest... "

" Hi, I also get anxious on when I start the vagifem. But, with all my bladder problems from atrophy I don't have much of a choice. Have used all the hormones creams and even compounded ones... "

" ...That seemed to make a slight improvement, although I almost feel like I'm starting all over again trying to rebuild the tissue. Doc suggested that I try 1/2 g Estrace cream (also a bio-identica... "

" ...I had the Estring inserted in my gyno's office about a month ago because of bladder problems and vaginal atrophy/dryness. It is a miracle!!!! Bladder issues have stopped, atrophy is gone and... "

" ...vagina might be appropriate in your case since you are having problems. Vaginal estrogen does not enter the bloodstream so it won't help with hot flashes, brain fog etc. My doctor had me use Vag... "

" donna i don't what your bladder problems are from but i had ...with any answers i tried vagifem and have gotten alot of relief so i attribute my problems to atrophy and lack of estrog... "

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