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Athlete's Foot

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(Tinea pedis)
Athlete's foot (also known as ringworm of the foot and tinea pedis) is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling,...
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Common Athlete's Foot treatments discussed around the web
Anti Fungal 845 Lotrimin 760 Antifungal 755
24,483 conversations around the web about Athlete's Foot to help you make a decision
24,483 conversations around the web about Athlete's Foot to help you make a decision
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Athlete's Foot & Swelling

1.36% of the posts that mention Athlete's Foot also mention Swelling (333 posts)
Athlete's Foot
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We found 333 discussions
" ...sugar levels and weight were less controlled, I used to suffer from swollen/itchy feet in hot weather. I also got recurrent athlete's foot. Over-the-counter... "

" ...toe.yesterday it started to hurt and I felt a swollen area under the toe. Just a bit of pressure and a small amount of white puss came out. Today after I left work I checked it and there was a lot ... "

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" ...using Lotrimin to treat athlete's foot for a little over a week. The itching and redness have gotten better, but there ...a blister, but isn't sw... "

" ...itchy swollen toes :( Hi, so ...and are really itchy. Theyve only been like this since I started ballroom dancing, i've been treating it as athletes foot and although the ... "

" ...depression and bulima. i have a drug addiction that im doing quite ...recently). im suicidal and have athletes foot. i have glue in my skull, i currently have a swollen right eye from b... "

" and her whole bottom area is swollen - not ...the stuff for athletes foot. Soak her bum in the bath and let her air dry. Try to let her go without a diaper, if you can. Put the lotrimin on ... "

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" quite swollen and painful. thrush? I remember having athlete's foot (very annoying and long to cure) together with thrush a year ago. On the trush level, I have felt slight itchiness in... "

" ...were there for my son's athlete's foot, but the doc felt his neck and commented that his nodes were markedly swollen. After I panicked, she ...they were symmetrically swollen. He had recently... "

" ...and redness and some swelling around my lips. The ...II. I'm using over-the-counter Monistat, and it's working. I've been told that Tinactin, the treatment for athlete's foot, will also work.... "

" Swelling, discoloration, peeling with intense pain ...on both feet . They are both swollen, discolored, and peeling. It ...alot. At first I had athletes foot , and it was... "

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