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Athlete's Foot

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(Tinea pedis)
Athlete's foot (also known as ringworm of the foot and tinea pedis) is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling,...
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Common Athlete's Foot treatments discussed around the web
Anti Fungal 847 Lotrimin 763 Antifungal 757
24,542 conversations around the web about Athlete's Foot to help you make a decision
24,542 conversations around the web about Athlete's Foot to help you make a decision
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Athlete's Foot & Iodine

We found 82 discussions
" ...another year for an allergist. Iodine is over the counter, topical, ...fungal skin type infection better than even Nystatin ...ring worm is one and athletes foot. Iodine won't work on mollu... "

" Iodine: a discussion, and perhaps a ...I too have had athlete's foot for as long ...happen with you? Were there any specific signs to the athlete's foot disappearing, or did it just clear up aft... "

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" Interesting, thanks. My pup gets 'athletes foot'; go figure. I too have been feeding the Salmon ...I do mineral supplements and iodine too. I figure their diet... "

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" ...with infected Athlete's foot. Also might have herpes on my foot from ER doc looking at blisters. The itching I've got is MADDENING. Can't stop. Was put on anti-fungal and anti-bacterial... "

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" ...mine.. I have used it, iodine, alcohol, peroxide, triple antibiotic, foot not even sure it's athletes foot.. I only have it on ...the blister. So is this athletes foot? Hey Butter... "

" ...I'd give a good scrub with chlorhexidine (Nolvasan)--doesn't burn or stain like Betadine (Iodine). Then rub in some topical anti-fungal cream that you can get OTC for athlete's foot. It's... "

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" ...Hibiclens to treat an itchy \" athlete's foot \" --cleansing with at least care field, but excess iodine in the form of ... Thyroxine is formed from iodine molecules, and an exc... "

" ...People's Pharmacy response: This is a time-honored topical fungal treatment. "

" ...cold or pressure urticaria. My son has cold urticaria. My husband has the ...of the foot sometimes with iodine. This seems to help him. ...I don't believe it is athlete's foot. I look forwa... "

" I thought Athletes foot was generally a mildly irritating ...quite work out the picture!)'s_foot I had some sort of ...bath my feet in iodine twice, three ... "

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