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Athlete's Foot

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(Tinea pedis)
Athlete's foot (also known as ringworm of the foot and tinea pedis) is a fungal infection of the skin that causes scaling,...
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Common Athlete's Foot treatments discussed around the web
Anti Fungal 845 Lotrimin 758 Antifungal 752
24,450 conversations around the web about Athlete's Foot to help you make a decision
24,450 conversations around the web about Athlete's Foot to help you make a decision
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Athlete's Foot & Disability

We found 26 discussions
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" 10% disability as a veteran because of athlete's foot he got... "

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" ...may have fungal involvement (\"athlete 's foot \"), or he may ...his feet a lot. I would suggest adding Carmol 20 cream (over ...debilitating, and can lead to prolonged disability. It's wor... "

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" ...that you would not have athletes foot. You will not be able ...You wear shoes, so your feet itch. You eat junk food, the name of your disability \"mom makes me good lentils... "

" ...can also apply for short-term disability if they need it. Only replace the person on leave. I have had athlete's foot myself. I use moisture absorbers, wear breathable socks, and... "

" a lot of fuss being made about bloody athlete's foot!!!! Im prepared in a way but sometimes you can ...The job thing im e-mailing disability coach from DWP about that... "

" slip over on it. Also if you use athletes foot cream or spray after drying your feet at the so much. I was lucky they had a disabled change I could use which was used a lot... "

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" ...bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, athletes foot and tired, aching legs and ...pain, injury and long term disability, yet women love them, pay... "

" because of risk of athletes foot, verrucas, etc. I know H&S ...come round and participate. It's the old argument of disability discrimination. Forcing a child in a wheelchair to run... "

" ...a great improvement to the pain and difficulties ...pains, I've gotten athlete's foot so badly in the past that my feet have bled. It is not considered to be a \"disability\" by the governmen... "

" get anything that has ever been wrong with you in your medical record, athlete's foot, weird farts whatever and file a disability claim. It'll be a pain in the ass process but in the end... "

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