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Asthma is the common chronic (medicine) inflammatory disease of the bronchi characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, revers...
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Common Asthma treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 18,887 Prednisone 15,926 Ventolin 12,995
672,062 conversations around the web about Asthma to help you make a decision
672,062 conversations around the web about Asthma to help you make a decision
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Asthma & Peripheral Neuropathy

0.4% of the posts that mention Peripheral Neuropathy also mention Asthma (122 posts)
Peripheral Neuropathy
We found 122 discussions
" ...the asthma and allergies. Last year, I herniated a disc in my neck and tore a tendon in my arm. I had surgery for the disc 9 months ago, but the tendon in my arm has not healed. I've been diagnosed... "

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" ...and Fibro. I have the peripheral neuropathy (especially tingling and burning ...can't be avoided. I am on Plaquenil, Evoxac and Restasis, plus all of my asthma and thyroid medication. The only... "

" ...peripheral neuropathy. Taking Bystolic for ventricular .... Been on Bystolic for several years following treatment. I have developed peripheral neuropathy which is seemingly worsening. My... "

" ...found that my problems fom taxotere took a ...a year had awful back pain in the ...gone.I still have peripheral neuropathy in my toes and fingertips,no eyebrows and my asthmatic cough is usua... "

" ...used to have. I am 67 years of age and otherwise in good health. I do have peripheral neuropathy in both feet and legs, and polycythemia vera. The Polycythemia is been under control for 7 months... "

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" ...Medrol Dosepak and it helped some but was short-lived. He has me on Prednisone again but instead of the Dosepak he prescribed Pred. 5mg, take 4 pills 2X a day for three days; 3 pills 2X a day f... "

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" ...took charge of your sinus and asthma problems and is proactively ...Neurologist who I see for peripheral neuropathy/RLS was more than happy to give me a prescription for Provigil, 100 mg. once a... "

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" ...been able to post until now. Looks like a great group! I've had SLE since 1989, have peripheral neuropathy, asthma & now they're trying to also rule out MS. Married 24 yrs to... "

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" ...Just found out I have Raynauds. At first I thought it was my peripheral neuropathy as I have other chronic ...been disabled for 8 yrs b/c of asthma, type 2 diabetes and many... "

" ...I always just thought was asthma, but now I know it's ...I am starting to have the peripheral neuropathy in my hands & feet ...on high levels of Ibuprofen for the joint pain. It works most o... "

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