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Asthma is the common chronic (medicine) inflammatory disease of the bronchi characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, revers...
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Common Asthma treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 18,928 Prednisone 15,986 Ventolin 13,003
672,994 conversations around the web about Asthma to help you make a decision
672,994 conversations around the web about Asthma to help you make a decision
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Asthma & Bronchospasm

36.2% of the posts that mention Bronchospasm also mention Asthma (1,255 posts)
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We found 1,255 discussions
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" ...while an electrolyte is a smooth muscle relaxer. Used by paramedics in the field for asthmatics, control bronchospasm, and also for preclampsia in pregnant woman. . .its... "

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" ...citrate can aggravate asthma like symtpoms. Don't ...of supplemental magnesium. Magnesium supps are recommended to reduce asthma symptoms, as they aid in preventing bronchospasm and reduce the... "

" ...bronchial spasm that narrows the airway. Some people take it to prevent breathing problems when they exercise. If you start to take too much, symptoms can even worsen. If you are using aerosol it i... "

" ...may just be from the asthma, as that is a common symptom. Did they put you on some asthma meds to relieve bronchospasm? I once heard a great ...there. I would get the asthma and sleep apnea trea... "

" the best at controlling it for me. I can do my lap swimming daily miles w/ no problem, etc. When on Advair I hardly ever need to use albuterol. My Dr. said that if I needed to use albuterol... "

" ...I have asthma as well as CF, and I get severe bronchospasms when I do the TOBI as well. My doc put me on liquid ventolin (added right in with the TOBI) to keep these symptoms under control. It... "

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" ...the doctor diagnosed her with bronchospasms and she was on albuterol for a while. She has mild eczema. I have asthma and environmental allergies, ...full blown asthma. However, here's... "

" ...had a bronchial spasm ...albuterol every 2-4 hrs that day and the following day. He ended up on pred shortly there after. That was his first time being put under, so I get anxious at the thoug... "

" ...the small airways. Also, hypertonic saline, beneficial a treatment as it is, it can also cause bronchospasm in some people, prevent. Emily has a pretty bad asthma/inflammation componen... "

" ...unknown. Chinese herbs, like ding-chan tang, can decrease inflammation and relieve bronchospasm. Ephedra ...FDA. Yoga breathing exercises can be helpful asthma control breathing and relieving s... "

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