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Asthma Attack

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Asthma is the common chronic (medicine) inflammatory disease of the bronchi characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, revers...
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Common Asthma Attack treatments discussed around the web
Albuterol 1,477 Ventolin 962 Salbutamol 282
41,180 conversations around the web about Asthma Attack to help you make a decision
41,180 conversations around the web about Asthma Attack to help you make a decision
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Asthma Attack & Thyroid Problem

0.06% of the posts that mention Asthma Attack also mention Thyroid Problem (25 posts)
Asthma Attack
Thyroid Problem
We found 25 discussions
" ...purified iodine because of her thyroid problem. We can't get it naturally ...will go into an instant asthma attack. Her allergy is so bad ...her chest, she went into an asthma attack when ... "

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" ...infection. I' currently taking levoxyl for a thyroid condition, zoloft and prilosec on ...extremely nausous and had moderate diarhea. Not I'm not I have a really bad asthma attack an... "

" ...acting up and I thought I needed an additional medication to get me over a \"flare\" but then they couldn't find any evidence of an asthma attack or pulmonary problems. Then there was the... "

" ...tell if I'm having an asthma attack, panic attack or just have ...asthma then I have other issues. I also have a thyroid problem so who knows what the problem is but definitely... "

" ...can be quite common with thyroid problems but to lose your voice ...mean by this, that you are having trouble swallowing or your neck just see anyone for your asthma attack? Ie. did yo... "

" ...naturally. I for one have thyroid problems. I have one sister who thought it was an asthma attack. (I ended up hyperventaliting.) It ...that it was a thyroid problem. I know... "

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" ...I'm 100% gluten free, because my thyroid failed three years ago and I've had to take Armour Thyroid (which contains iodine), I ...too much iodine, I suffer an asthma attack, and if iodine touche... "

" ...was diagnosed. I'm going home with nausea and vomiting, acute asthma, sever candida esophagitis, shortness ...revealed enlarged spleen, possible thyroid problems, and inflamed gall bladder.... "

" ...night. He has had an asthma attack every night for the ...watching him closely. I am exhausted ontop of exhausted. down. Like glandular fever, thyroid problems, viral infections, lo... "

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" ...though not yet done albuterol inhaler, she is a ...using the buffer or having acute asthma attack she doesn't have any of ...symptoms or signs consistent with thyroid disorder, nor is any ... "

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