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Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: OTC
Aspirin (United States Adopted Name), also known as acetylsalicylic acid ( abbreviated ASA), is a salicylate medication,...
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Aspirin for Pain
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Aspirin, Atenolol and Clotting Disorder

We found 12 discussions
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my second and was put on Atenolol for a slight increase in...
" understanding baby asprin is perscribed when you have a blood clotting disorder - have you ever ...and was put on Atenolol for a slight ...- I now have cronic hypertension, which pregnancy... "

have been taking Aspirin in the form of a 75mg tablet every...
" ...been taking Aspirin in the form ...Gastro-resistant tablets. I have found no incidence of internal bleeding, they seem to ...Cardiologist. Along with Atenolol, Lisinopril, Isosorbide- mononi... "

Post from
decision. I was on atenolol during my last...
" ...The idea of the aspirin is to thin the blood a bit, allowing it to get to baby a little easier if you have any clotting issues. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong here!) Many of us though have... "

fine since. I take Aspirin and Plavix everyday (along...
" ...bleeding more than average. I use a styptic pencil for shaving nicks. I bruise easier than average. I hit myself with a hammer one day and had a nasty bruise. But I have no idea how I bruised th... "

man however the atenolol will cause erection problem. Women...
" ...mistake....the risk of fatal bleeding is 1% in a couple months. Aspirin will work as well ...mixing, the more problems.. Atenolol 12.5 is just too ...however the atenolol will cause erection ... "

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I also started taking 25mg of atenolol for high cardiac...
" ...of atenolol for high cardiac output. After 30 weeks I was monitored very closely, growth ultrasounds, and weekly, then bi-weekly NSTs. As far as exercise goes, I walked until about 26 weeks of pr... "

and fail using atenolol, nitroglycerine, I think channel...
" ...I REALLY think the bleed risk from Plavix is ...far as to say I'M CERTAIN. Aspirin is a WONDERFUL anti-platelet agglomerator, all by clog and fail using atenolol, nitroglycerine, I thi... "

dangerous and for every bleed that you see under the skin,...
" ...and for every bleed that you see ...see and these internal bleeds are exceedingly dangerous. Plavix aspirin for 2 months after ...would replace the atenolol...both are beta-blockers. Yep,... "

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to increase atenolol dosage, because the patient appears...
" need to increase atenolol dosage, because the patient adequately beta-blocked. (Choice D) Aspirin can be continued safely during increased risk for bleeding is expected, as... "

normal existence, taking two 81mg aspirins and a 25mg...
" ...who will rebel against the daily requirements and inconveniences of warfarin use, you might be better off with a tissue valve. My own choice was to trade the probable permanency of a carbon... "

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