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Asperger's Disorder

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(Asperger s disorder)
Asperger syndrome or Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by sig...
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236,182 conversations around the web about Asperger's Disorder to help you make a decision
236,182 conversations around the web about Asperger's Disorder to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Asperger's Disorder

Asperger's Disorder & Food Intolerance

0.12% of the posts that mention Food Intolerance also mention Asperger's Disorder (28 posts)
Food Intolerance
Asperger's Disorder
We found 28 discussions
" ...aggressive. My niece was diagnosed with \"Asperger's syndrome\". We all have one thing in common: Food Intolerance. We all act perfectly normally... "

" ...he has Aspergers. As much as I ...well could be another food intolerance, but gosh, I PRAY ...air, and our luck, he'd be allergic to that eventually. ... "

" ...of them tested high for aspergers even that they didnt have had something like some food intolerance (can cause many aspergers like ...but instead you just went with a aspergers dx bec... "

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" DS1, he is my third child and have two DD with Aspergers Syndrome. We all follow the Failsafe diet from the ...the woman who runs the food intolerance network has one called the... "

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" ...done: hearing, sight, dyslexia, adhd, aspergers, food intolerance. He's a phenomenon that nobody... "

" ...Also got a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome to boot. I have ...I perhaps had a food intolerance/allergy. You get the point ...The only time I have had genuine relief was with Welbutrin. It... "

" ...quite negative experience, being diagnosed of aspergers would be better than sitting,! For example, I had various digestive problems for a few years be IBS or a food intolerance?... "

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" ...psychologist for an official diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, and she insisted it was part of the Asperger's rather than a condition ...and you don't mention having Asperger's. I've never he... "

" ...see if there was any food intolerance. We went to see a ...made no difference so have ruled that food intolerance out. So come last ...involved. My daughter also has aspergers, adhd and high... "

" ...recently found out I have gluten/casein allergies. So I need to ...only do this because of food intolerance or allergies, but for my ADD/Asperger's syndrome/NVLD. I could use some help... "

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