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rash is a change of the human skin which affects its color, appearance or wikt:texture. A rash may be localized in one part of the bod...
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Common Rash treatments discussed around the web
Benadryl 18,105 Desitin 9,230 Prednisone 9,184
1,075,879 conversations around the web about Rash to help you make a decision
1,075,879 conversations around the web about Rash to help you make a decision
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Aspartame & Rash

We found 277 discussions
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" ...I've suspected that Aspartame might be causing my rash which has gotten progressively worse over four years. How do... "

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" ...son the sugar versions as aspartame is a big NO NO ...our house we have had unexplaned rashes and anything from mardyness to... "

" ...all my \"weird\" symptoms (IBS, rashes, vision problems, sleeping problems, tingly feet) had dissappeared. If you Google \"aspartame toxicity\" you'll be amazed... "

" ...Lite stuff sweetened with aspartame, or do they use sucralose now? If it's aspartame, I would bet that that's the problem, although I have read of people developing skin rashes in response to... "

" ...Splenda/sucralose, and some people have allergic type reactions to it including itching and/or rashes. Have you been consuming Splenda products? Aspartame products can also produce allergic... "

" ...FEEDBACK \"Aspartame MSG Sucralose Splenda Nutrasweet ...of the above sweeteners I experience a cold sweat the taste eliminates in ...Lupus and it also flares up rash outbreaks... Hope this i... "

" I keep meaning to give aspartame up for good but then ...a good night sleep I wouldn‚??t be so tired and maybe this rash would clear up too. I‚??m... "

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" How long have you been off of aspartame and other artificial sweetners? I had bizarre skin rashes while I was on it that would come and ...that it was related to aspartame until later. I also bec... "

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" i try to avoid aspartame as much as humanly possible i get headaches from it and my ds gets awful rashes and if he has had ...he then has to have an anti histamine to counteract the effects... "

" aspartame has been bad for me even way before i ...did too by default, but right away started having headaches, rashes and mood reactions....and sometimes looked stoned on quit... "

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