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Ascites ( , from Ancient Greek askites, "baglike") is a Gastroenterology term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavit...
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Common Ascites treatments discussed around the web
Aldactone 175 Spironolactone 155 Spironolactone Plus 1
12,826 conversations around the web about Ascites to help you make a decision
12,826 conversations around the web about Ascites to help you make a decision
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Ascites & Lymphadenopathy

1.19% of the posts that mention Lymphadenopathy also mention Ascites (48 posts)
We found 48 discussions
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" ...there, I have been diagnosed with bilateral ovarian fibroma. They are small each ...approx. 1.5cmx2.0cm. There are no ascites and no lymphadenopathy after 2 MRI 's. Is... "

" ...IHBR/Portal vein/CBD are normal. No focal lesion seen. PROSTATE : Prostate ...42 x 38 mm. Weight – 30.7 gms. No Ascites . No lymphadenopathy . No focal lesion seen.please advice what is the... "

" ...PVR. 2. Prostate size - 6.3 x 6.2 x 5.8 cm 3. No Ascites is visualized. 4. No significant Lymphadenopathy is seen. 5. PSA - 14.0 ng/ml Kindly give your review whether he... "

Post from
" ...the central zone measuring 1 x 1.7 cm No evidence of ascites or para-aortic lymphadenopathy noted. IMPRESSION : MILD PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT WITH CALCIFIATION IN... "

" ...hydronephrosis or calculus, the speen and adbominal aorta appears normal, there is no ascites or lymphadenopathy , anteverted bulky uterus. there are multtiple intramural uterine fibroids, 20 mm in... "

" Child having abdominal pain. USG abdomen test done. ...and caecum with small mesenteric lymphadenopathy and minimal interbowelloops ascites , likely to be infective... "

" ...1) Retroverted bulky uterus with intramural leiomyoma 2) Otherwise normal examination 3) No ascites or lymphadenopathy noted. Suffering last 6 months : Huge period, duration 7 days, nothing else.... "

" stone. Pancreas normal focal lesion. Right kidny 11.7 4.3 1.6 stone. Left kidney 12.1 4.3 1.9 cm, shows fullness of pelvicalyceal stone note... "

Post from
" ...dilated. Liver, spleen and gall bladder are normal. Normal excretion of contrast from both the kidneys. No abdominal Lymphadenopathy. No ascites. Plz guide me what this report... "

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" ...anemia,generlazed lymphadenopathy... "

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