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Ascites ( , from Ancient Greek askites, "baglike") is a Gastroenterology term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavit...
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Common Ascites treatments discussed around the web
Aldactone 173 Spironolactone 154 Spironolactone Plus 1
12,538 conversations around the web about Ascites to help you make a decision
12,538 conversations around the web about Ascites to help you make a decision
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Ascites & Itching

1.09% of the posts that mention Ascites also mention Itching (137 posts)
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" ...10 years out diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis. He refuses medical ...of the disease, including ascites, extreme itching, I thought this last ...and also he has possible cyanosis in the face... "

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" Husband has cirrhosis I think husband was admitted with ascites, went through withdrawal And had ...most of the day. He is Also very itchy. He didn't like the liver... "

" ...which says that sulfasalazine holds promise for reversing scar tissue of liver cirrhosis but studies are ...and person develops confusion,ascites,jaundice,itching,bleeding etc. The best... "

" roughly an 80 to 85% survival risk, most doctors won't consider the transplant. But there are mitigating factors as well that have to be factored in wrt uncontrollable ascites, itching,... "

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" with recurrent infections, problems with teeth, nose bleeds, ascites, itchiness, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue, back aches, leg aches, erectile dysfunction,... "

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" ...for later stage illness are: high bilirubin levels, jaundice, ascites, HE. Itching is common early stage, from alcohol withdrawl, etc....the problem... "

" ...diuretic to control ascites, together with antibiotics ...been taking hydroxycarbamide for the last 2 weeks and feel OK. I think I'm really lucky to have so far escaped the itching, headaches ... "

" ...few months ago she was so itchy and was getting frequent ...almost but flabby...but she doesnt have ascites or swelling in her ...thought she would get ascites before jaundice but maybe... "

" Hi Julie I had ascites (swelling round my abdomen) because ...liver and it was incredibly itchy as well and it took ...liver 21 months ago (I was also severely jaundiced as it had gone... "

" ...with symptoms of fatigue, confusion, itchy skin, fluid retention (ascites) and even in some cases ...and variceal bleeding). The diagnosis of liver failure is typically based on... "

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