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Ascites ( , from Ancient Greek askites, "baglike") is a Gastroenterology term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavit...
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Common Ascites treatments discussed around the web
Aldactone 174 Spironolactone 154 Spironolactone Plus 1
12,809 conversations around the web about Ascites to help you make a decision
12,809 conversations around the web about Ascites to help you make a decision
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Ascites & Itching

1.08% of the posts that mention Ascites also mention Itching (138 posts)
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" ...phil also has these red and so swollen legs that they are almost ripping. she also has ascites badly. The bers things she has found for the skin and itching is bio oil... "

" ...Since then she has become weak and recently has severe jaundice, unable to eat, ...feet and her belly has started accumulating ascites fluid. She has just started itching and bleeding all over. ... "

" ...with bleeding varices? I was born with a liver disease but have had ascites and know a lot about liver disease. Do they have itching. I would like to help in some way but don't quite know what... "

" ...I have been have a problem with itching and also ascites. I have found that eating better has helped the itching. I try to stay ...talked about for the itching. Glad you are feeling... "

" I have liver secondaries (from breast cancer) and had quite bad ascites 2 years ago plus a lot of itching around my stomach area. My Macmillan nurse gave me some type of drink (made up from a... "

" but started having ascites and itching. My bilirubin was normal ...called cholestyramine for the itching. This helped significantly. It ...beverage. I also took lasix for the flui... "

" ...was 7 I don't run temps. but i have the endless itching and hives from it. Had 1 horrible bout with ascites in Oct. I always watch my salt and take... "

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" night when I'd get itchy I'd have a glass of cold water which helped. But now, worrying about ascites and restricting fluids tha's pretty much out. Oops gotta... "

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" I get night-time itching from Xeloda, but only in the ...course when my stomach starts to fill with water (ascites) and I get mild diarrohea. The itching is round my stomach and belly, some underar... "

" Prickly skin Hi Barbara I had ascites (fluid build up) 2 years ago with my liver mets plus awful itching around my middle which wasn't prickly just needed scratching... "

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