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Arthritis is a form of arthropathy that involves inflammation of one or more joints.There are over 100 different forms of arthritis. ...
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Common Arthritis treatments discussed around the web
Methotrexate 11,136 Prednisone 8,077 Glucosamine 6,452
503,793 conversations around the web about Arthritis to help you make a decision
503,793 conversations around the web about Arthritis to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Arthritis

Arthritis & Trouble Swallowing

0.26% of the posts that mention Trouble Swallowing also mention Arthritis (316 posts)
Trouble Swallowing
We found 316 discussions
" ...arthritis a bit, but not my axial (spinal etc) inflammation. I only recall one person here whose axial inflammation was helped by methotrexate. My rheumy's first choice would have been sulphasala... "

" ...for about 5 years long with arthritis. He seems to be doing worse. He has difficulty swallowing,tasting his food, walking and getting up from a seated position. He is on prednisone and exercises on... "

" ...have arthritis in my shoulders and lower back. I took Glucosamine/Chondroitin for many years (unfortunately had to stop taking it due to cancer treatment and subsequent swallowing issues... those... "

" ...Is it possible to have arthritis affect the throat? my friend has difficulty swallowing and pain in thro... "

" ...anything for my arthritis right now, but have no trouble swallowing all my meds/vitamins in the morning and i take a great big fish oil capsule. I... "

" ...the hardest parts. I've got arthritis in my spine...and learning or realizing my limits is hard to swallow some days as my life... "

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" No...that means you are experiencing dysphagia. That symptom, combined with previous is. When you get the arthritis sc'd, then file for the medications taken for ... "

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" to think clearly. Has trouble swallowing due to radiation treatments, 33, for throat cancer. Has frequent headaches. Has severe arthritis in joints. Knees have been... "

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" ...hearing loss neck and shoulder problem (possible spinal cord injury from radiation treatment and I have mild arthritis in the neck ...neurologist) TMDJ Mucus problem Swallowing problems... "

" since I already have a swallowing problem and I hear the surgery ...main problem is at C5 and 6. I have large spurs, degeneration, arthritis disc bulging and conmpression of the cord. ... "

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