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Arthritis is a form of arthropathy that involves inflammation of one or more joints.There are over 100 different forms of arthritis. ...
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Common Arthritis treatments discussed around the web
Methotrexate 11,976 Prednisone 8,713 Glucosamine 6,756
531,378 conversations around the web about Arthritis to help you make a decision
531,378 conversations around the web about Arthritis to help you make a decision
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Arthritis & Liver Damage

0.78% of the posts that mention Liver Damage also mention Arthritis (509 posts)
Liver Damage
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Liver Damage
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heard that glucosamine may be helpful in treating arthritis...
" treating arthritis. I am not looking for a cure, just pain relief. I am currently taking high doses of Ibuprofen, which can cause liver damage. I would rather take something that targets the... "

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no? Oops. I have increasing arthritis in both hands, and...
" ...Uh, no? Oops. I have increasing arthritis in both hands, and at ...just live with the limitations, because I already have liver damage from pain meds in my past (no longer needed,... "

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for about 6 months. My arthritis is much better. However,...
" ...arthritis is much better. However, my skin is going wacko. I am using desonide and cortizone creams with little results. Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me with my skin conditio... "

in my opinion! I've had arthritis for about 2 years, but...
" ...come up with many coping strategies apart from sleeping a lot and taking plenty of pain-killers. I'm surprised that you're still taking Leflunomide despite liver damage - this is a potentially... "

that improves with movement. I use it for my arthritis
" ...because it can cause liver damage. Don't administer on your own! My elderly cat received adequan shots for a couple of years and had some acupuncture. What worked best for her at the end was a... "

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fairly well, especially with my arthritis, and then after 6...
" ...with my arthritis, and then after 6 years on it I tested positive for TB. Now I'm going through a 9 month course of liver killing antibiotics to beat the TB so I can go back on the Enbrel. I... "

it. I took it for my arthritis, not for my Crohn's, and I...
" Crohn's, and I took the lowest possible dose, in pill form, once a week, and it would knock me out for days. It didn't help the arthritis either. I was miserable. I don't know why I stayed on... "

level, diagnosed with psorital arthritis. On methotrexate....
" ...any long term liver damage verses long term benefits in protecting my joints. I am a very active 57 year old female. Not overweight . I have been diagnosed with psoriatal arthuritus. I don t... "

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high doses for a long time it can worsen arthritis when you...
" NOT as safe as most people think it is!! If you take it a lot it causes liver damage and ulcers (that's holes in your stomach people!). If you take it with alcohol it causes liver damage... "

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fuckers in here! I have arthritis in my neck of all places,...
" ...fuckers in here! I have arthritis in my neck of all ...for 3 weeks now. My liver was aching, which I mean literally to say I have some liver damage there. Why can't we just... "

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