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Asperger's Disorder

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(Asperger s disorder)
Asperger syndrome or Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by sig...
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236,857 conversations around the web about Asperger's Disorder to help you make a decision
236,857 conversations around the web about Asperger's Disorder to help you make a decision
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Aromatherapy & Asperger's Disorder

We found 10 discussions
" ...has aspergers and my nephew has ...autism and challenging behaviour providing aromatherapy massage.As autism is amulti sensory disfunction,aromatherapy works really well,touch sound and... "

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" Hiya, We do a bit of aromatherapy here. We use chamomile oil for calming for my two boys. One has Aspergers and the other NT. We put it in their... "

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" ...without social service support. My son has aspergers syndrom autism but doesnt qualify ...disability. the carers centre noffers aromatherapy and reiki but as a... "

" ...some children- a child with Asperger's wouldn't do that. To have Aspergers you have to display all ...Deputy Head Have you tried aromatherapy for him? SENCo in IEP... "

" ...your post.I have a cousin with aspergers and a nephew ...autism treating them with aromatherapy and massage and co wrote a chapter in Shirley Prices book\"Aromatherapy for Health Professionals\"... "

" Aromatherapy works whether Autism spectrum or ...body)... I MEANT that with Aspergers Syndrome the wanting to look... "

" ...of an group of aspergers adults and it has been a great insight into aspergers. So many of the ...My son too has a hard time sleeping at age 10. ...have spoken to say aromatherapy works well ... "

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" for your work. My son has autism (not Aspergers) and unfortunately, my ex-wife (his ...coconut milk (forget the name), crystals, aromatherapy, acedopholis, and many more. She... "

" ...even claiming it will help another friend's son, who has aspergers - didn't say cure, but help with the ADHD heard of it? I like aromatherapy, but I never thought of... "

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" ...Special Needs (they think Aspergers Syndrome) so we had time. I have researched aromatherapy oils to have burning and 3/5 engaged. Also I have been having frequent headaches so mi... "

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