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Arm Pain

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44,764 conversations around the web about Arm Pain to help you make a decision
44,764 conversations around the web about Arm Pain to help you make a decision
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Arm Pain & PMS

0.06% of the posts that mention Arm Pain also mention PMS (26 posts)
Arm Pain
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We found 26 discussions
" ...pain. Sometimes I have difficulty breathing and it is ...all is well. I have benefitted greatly with relief from neck, back, chest, and arm pain by seeing my chiro ...too such as PMS, dizzine... "

" ...severe leg & arm pains that are not explainable. They come and go and the only thing left for me to change is bc. I get hot & cold flashes. Also I have had major mood swing & depression that come... "

" Before my hysterectomy I had severe PMS. My stress levels would get ...high that I would have pain in my arms. My DH would know what ...I do believe that the PMS symptoms have decreased some w... "

" ...TAH kept both ovaries. I am having breast tenderness and under arm pain but I am also now ...the subject) that I am feeling PMS symptoms.... "

" ...ready to do. I did not work for my arm pain/numbness/tingling but I do have to say that now I ...noticed it did help with my moods some. I don't recall getting PMS as bad when I was taking it. I... "

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" ...with me that could be pms or pregnancy. I'm not moody, appointment with a doctor tomorrow, because I've had chronic arm pain - I'm hoping for a referral to a physical... "

" 60. I started premarin and estrogen when I was 38 for severe PMS. I have remained on ...yesterday and two today. The arm pain, hip and low back pain is slowly getting better. When my G... "

" So, I am crampy, super gassy, queasy, and ...days, so unfortunately it could be PMS symptoms. I cried at neck and it makes my left arm hurt and go numb. Good Luck Ladies....praying for... "

" ...painful arm and back, well nerves to run up and down your arm, but also if you are very tense and worried you you will be tensing you muscles up, even when you dont know that you are doing it, an... "

" be very bad with PMS, then it went onto mid-cycle ...last month anyway . My legs and arm hurt so much that I don't ...them and the general feeling of weakness is getting me down... "

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