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Arimidex is taken for: Cancer Breast Cancer


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Taken for: Cancer, Breast Cancer
Other names: Anastrozole
Method of use: Pill
Prescribing mode: Rx
Anastrozole (International Nonproprietary Name) (marketed under the trade name Arimidex by AstraZeneca) is an aromatase inhibito...
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Arimidex for Cancer
184,526 conversations around the web about Arimidex to help you make a decision
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Does Arimidex cause Mood Swings ?

Mood Swings is a known side effect of Arimidex
#17 in Arimidex discussions - 609 posts discuss Mood Swings with Arimidex. Mood Swings is #17 concern in Arimidex discussions.
We found 609 discussions
" ...joint pain. Also in my case it helped with the s e's from Arimidex (mood swings and sweating). If you have other questions about it and I can be... "

" ...Arimidex feel a difference in their mood swings. Only been taking Arimidex for nearly two weeks. Have plenty of aches and pains, but also feel irritable... "

" I had terrible mood swings on arimidex and have stopped taking it. I may be trying tamoxifen next. I think arimidex suppresses ALL oestrogen as still... "

" I was on Tamoxifin for 5 years and have recently switched to Arimidex. I have terrible mood swings, I at times feel depressed, I have days when I cannot stop crying and feel a sense... "

" ...having after radiotherapy, but probably Arimidex. I do have a close ...who did find she had terrible mood swings and depression with the Arimidex which really affected her relationship with her... "

" ...I stopped using arimidex last week, and since stopping ive added 7 pound, which has swelled me up to say the least, had terrible headaches moodswings, and felt ...people need arimidex even on... "

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" I have a different outlook since my diagnosis. I have mood swings, aches from the Arimidex, etc. but most of the time I can accept that because of the new meaning I have for life. I have... "

" ...taking Arimidex this month and my onco Dr said it might cause \"mood swings!!!\" Duh...Ya... "

" ...the lupron and arimidex combo. It was ...months and just started Arimidex. I have headaches, shortness of breath and mood swings bad and I... "

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" ...\"puffy\" feel. But this time using arimidex and the big thing for me is that it has helped my mood swings tremendously while on. Also I... "

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