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Apraxia is a disorder caused by damage to specific areas of the cerebrum. Apraxia is characterized by loss of the ability to execute o...
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57,409 conversations around the web about Apraxia to help you make a decision
57,409 conversations around the web about Apraxia to help you make a decision
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Apraxia & Vision Problem

0.31% of the posts that mention Vision Problem also mention Apraxia (59 posts)
Vision Problem
We found 59 discussions
" ...My ds has verbal apraxia, ...After a stroke people lose and need therapy to regain skills because of praxis, motor control problems. My dd seemed clumsy, and in her case it was actually a visio... "

" ...months ago. He also has visual processing disorder as well, but we have ...a part of a larger diagnosis? Turns out my son has Dyspraxia and knowing that has made such a huge ray... "

" ...ADHD combined type. DD2 has Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia. Both girls attend private speech ...turned eye. DD1 had a squint in both eyes, ...but she still has vision issues, that can't rea... "

" ...of energy for my student with Apraxia. It sounds more like a vision problem, although it is hard... "

" ...dtr scored in the 1% with VMI. Her tracking improved immensely (she has dyspraxia) and it helped with motor free vision issues. My dtr has had OT since she was 6 and she will finally... "

" ...time to reply. My OCD is significantly bad ...a psychologist today. My schizophrenia is relatively stable ...OCD. I also have dyspraxia, a neurological visual processing disorder, a histor... "

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" ...autism with hyperlexia and dyspraxia. He is in the autism classroom at school ...self-control. Additionally, he has a form of albinism and has various vision issues due to that: extreme... "

" ...that in my other post to you. Oh, and yes I get my ds with apraxia checked. If the dc have tone issues, they will also often turn out to have dev. vision issue... "

" ...associated sensory difficulties Schizophrenia OCD Visual processing disorder Dyspraxia Selective mutism / social anxiety ...get out. NB: my visual processing disorder and dyspraxia make... "

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" ...whether she was mosaic (she's not). She does have other issues, besides the SI she has apraxia, CAPD, and bi-nocular vision issues that have made reading a real problem. - Becky... "

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