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Swollen Feet

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(Pedal edema)
44,164 conversations around the web about Swollen Feet to help you make a decision
44,164 conversations around the web about Swollen Feet to help you make a decision
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Apple Cider Vinegar & Swollen Feet

We found 14 discussions
" where I got the Apple Cider Vinegar with raw honey in water ...a day and I am feeling pretty decent. My indigestion has improved andall the swelling in my feet is gone and my appetite seems ... "

" ...flight from overseas, I had swelling in my feet and legs. I drank more the end of the day. I took the apple cider vinegar one night and the swelling was gone and never returned... "

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" swollen feet Hi, Wonder if anybody could ...Immunical, Flaxseed oil, Noni juice, Apple cider vinegar with honey. Feet suddenly swollen, to drive. Experienced migraine lately, althoug... "

" ...doc. It is not unusual for people to get swollen feet when the weather is hot. If it is not a medication side effect, try 2 tbs apple cider vinegar in 8 oz of water. It acts as a... "

" I have been having really uncomfortable swollen feet & hands, too. My midwives ...--get someone to massage your feet with strokes going upward towards your ...vit C --try adding apple cider vine... "

" severe pain, I take 4 Panadol daily, including one at ...of cystitis, manuka honey and apple cider vinegar as a tonic. I also aloe vera gel on swollen feet and hands, and take ... "

" Oh you poor thing With the swollen feet, I found that soaking a cloth in Apple cider vinegar and cold water solution and then wrapping the cloth around my feet was useful. As were regular... "

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" ...i basically use the same remedies you guys use apple cider vinegar epsom salt baths vaseline you name it thru hardest because im standing on swollen feet all day and then sleeping... "

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" My step dad gets swollen feet and ankles and he has ...any short-cut way to get this swelling down. Yes, I am ...about to go onto my apple cider vinegar and honey fast again, as... "

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" ...ointment (not straight tea tree oil). I like the one by Desert Essence. This has worked for me. We ...pregnant with hot, swollen feet now and I ...tub, shower, whatever) with Apple cider... "

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