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Chronic Heart Failure

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(Cardiac failure chronic)
Heart failure (HF) often called congestive heart failure (CHF) is generally defined as the inability of the heart to suppl...
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Common Chronic Heart Failure treatments discussed around the web
Lasix 2,912 Coreg 1,264 Digoxin 749
213,689 conversations around the web about Chronic Heart Failure to help you make a decision
213,689 conversations around the web about Chronic Heart Failure to help you make a decision
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Apple Cider Vinegar & Chronic Heart Failure

We found 8 discussions
" ...diagnosis. My father has had CHF for the last 40 years. ...helped tremendously. He eats A LOT of garlic and apple cider vinegar and thinks this is one of the reasons he... "

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" ...Cut Salt Ate a banana Almond butter Fish (Salmon) Apple Cider vinegar. Walk at least an hour a day. Don't do your heart. I have CHF and it's very serious. I... "

" ...the apple cider vinegar! Would ...regarding my digestive problems. ...signs of CHF?swelling of the ankles, around my waist, trouble breath... "

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" ...I will quote: Apple Cider Vinegar is a popular ...One tablespoon daily. Apple Cider Vinegar may interact with drugs including: Medication for congestive heart failure and/or high blood... "

" ...Cider Vinegar!!!! OK, with congestive heart failure, I have much less ...used to, and I was so tired of being tired!! Anyway, since I ...taking 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with lunc... "

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" ...I drank a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (Braggs) in water before meals, ...allergic reaction to what I was eating. I have congestive heart failure, and I use Dandelion as a diuretic. Chec... "

" ...and one with congestive heart failure at eight years ...research on, say, natural apple cider vinegar or spirulina or aloe ...\"how about taking some natural apple cider vinegar, people!!!\"... "

" ...decided to drop by again. Interesting tidbit about the apple cider vinegar; you'll have to let us know how that works out. I have congestive heart failure so I am often fighting... "

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