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(Burning sensation)
Common Burning treatments discussed around the web
Aspirin 2,443 Protopic 446 Elidel 252
1,971,043 conversations around the web about Burning to help you make a decision
1,971,043 conversations around the web about Burning to help you make a decision
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Apple Cider Vinegar & Burning

We found 1,288 discussions
Post from
" ...HORRIBLE! The burning and itching was ...vinegar & water. I had much better luck using the organic apple cider vinegar and it was not nearly as painful. Burning and itching w... "

Post from
" ...Cider Vinegar Burning? Does anyone else wash ...Purpose Cleansing Bar before applying Apple Cider Vinegar and gotten good results. I ...but seconds later the burning went away. Is this normal... "

Post from
" ...diagnosed w shingles last week. Was given seven ...Valtrex then I applied Apple cider vinegar on the blisters and ...almost gone thanks to Apple cider vinegar ... "

Post from
" ...the results of having it removed surgically VS burning at it with apple Cider Vinegar (or any other... "

Post from
" ...tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (undiluted) Burning sensation in throat and have pain which... "

" ...or a burning scalp can often be remedied with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. Whats your di... "

" ...patient and have developed a severe case of shingles on both legs. The itch, pain and burning is some of ...the listeri... "

" tried apple cider vinegar for your gerd. Worked for me. ...whenever your gut is really burning) which is usually ... "

" ...How do you apply apple cider vinegar if it's Genital herpes? You know, the sores and all in the insides? ...too much... "

" ...Apple cider vinegar and Hcl. They caused a lot of burning. I have also tried MBC probiotics which helped a little but only had temporary relief.... "

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