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Appendectomy + Weight

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387 conversations around the web about Appendectomy + Weight to help you make a decision
387 conversations around the web about Appendectomy + Weight to help you make a decision
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Appendectomy & Weight

We found 387 discussions
" ...years old I started the year in hospital with appendicitis and at a whopping 12 stone 4, one appendectomy and a hell of a lot of exercise and dieting later, I'm now at 10 stone 4. My goal? 9 stone... "

" ...a week. things went downhill and i ended up in the hospital for a lab appendectomy, and a few days later for an intestinal resection having lost a foot of my colon (large intestines). ended up... "

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" ...losing a big chunk of weight. Now since my appendectomy, I can't keep weight on for crap. I went... "

" ...remaining ovary removed, excision of stage 4 endo and appendectomy. Not sure how much weight lost, relieved I'm not the only... "

" ...everyone! Happy Vaping in 2015! And I was not fat in August, I was still skinny from the weight I lost after my appendectomy. But I definitely see a diet in my near future... as soon as... "

" 18 years old, lost some weight after having an appendectomy I was 123, but now my weight is stuck where it is. So I have a ...we cursed to always finish in the order that our weight... "

" ...hit it EXACTLY! The last time I weighed what I weigh now, I was in Mexico having just had dysentery and an appendectomy. It's nice to be this weight *without* the hospitalization!... "

" ...12, that was very nice for me, but I'm thinking now with all this belly skin (made uneven because of the scar tissue from my appendectomy) I would not be the same weight in a size 12 that I was... "

" ...colonoscopy. Had an emergency appendectomy last week. Lost more weight during that two day ...maintain 180... I HATE Ensure Plus but still drink ...Fitness Pal. Tracks calories, weight, a... "

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" ...had an appendectomy and I lost a whole bunch of weight when I had it. I had been on weight watchers for a while, ...a lot of weight fell off. A ...times. When you feel tired, it's important t... "

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