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Appendectomy + Bruise

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107 conversations around the web about Appendectomy + Bruise to help you make a decision
107 conversations around the web about Appendectomy + Bruise to help you make a decision
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Appendectomy & Bruise

We found 107 discussions
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" It has resolved itself by \"accident\". Friday I had awful pain in my right side and was taken to hospital for appendicectomy. Surgeon noticed bruising from banding and in private I told him all.... "

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" ...had the flu. uh-uh. Wound up in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy (had to have my appendix removed). Doctor will not let ...three new holes in my bruised and swollen belly... Hee-Hee! ... "

" ...battle scars! Had an emergency appendectomy at 23 weeks so there's a little bruising and some bandages. LO was... "

" apparent injuries. About a week later he had to have an emergency appendectomy. His surgeon believed the seatbelt had bruised his appendix. I told him to document everything and that I knew... "

" I had laparascopic surgery for my appendectomy in 2006. I had no bruising at all so I was surprised to hear how many people had some after the Davinci surgery it will be Interesting to see what I... "

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" ...This has been throughout the entire ordeal. 2. Before the appendectomy I had a bruised feeling at the base of my spine for months. ...side. It aches like a bad bruise every day and has not... "

" ...I actually had to grab her hands and tell her to stop.. she was pushing on my appendectomy scar, I was actually bruised from her doing it. And you know what she said \"Oh this is the worse part of... "

" Some people do bruise more easily than others to understanding, most people do bruise from this surgery. Perhaps the ...just one itty bitty little bruise. However, my sister had an... "

" ...from the appendectomy. I have bruising at the ...considering I lived with 'chronic' appendicitis (and abnormal, since it wasn't technically appendicitis... no the appendectomy. Sucks th... "

" ...size bruises I have two symmetrical dime size bruises on my lower abdomen. One is below my appendectomy scar on the right appetite has changed, less hungry. Has ... "

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