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Apnea, apnoea, or apn a (, from -, privative, , to breathe) is a term for suspension of external respiration (physi...
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167,099 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
167,099 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
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Apnea & Waking Up At Night

0.42% of the posts that mention Waking Up At Night also mention Apnea (66 posts)
Waking Up At Night
We found 66 discussions
" ...1/2 month old son has been waking up at night for about the last month...a ...freaking me out! he also stops breathing for like 3 seconds ever ...i really think he might stop breathing... "

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" ...all, Several years ago I had this horrible experience of waking up at night, with all I can ...he's noticed if I stop breathing. As well, I have lost almost 10st. I take Propanalol which does ... "

" ...bulimia thing and on the apnea thing .... during the past ...they get very cold... my apnea was severe range w/ pressure ...causes throwing up w/o me waking up at night and I was afraid... "

" ...and there is a couple on ebay, i think i still have the apnea, because i keep waking up at night, i know its hot and humid at the moment, but thats a definate... "

" is it apnea? isomnia? both? Hello again, Just ...process for me: 1. I am still waking up at night, don't really know how ...think it is insomnia, not apnea. This morning I was... "

" talk to your certified sleep doc instead. I'm waking up at night and realize that I'm not breathing. you know, it's've caused your body to have central apneas - this has been ... "

" The waking up at night and coughing and chocking can be reflux related. My son used to choke and stop breathing at night due to his reflux. Allergies can also make reflux worse. You might... "

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" ...him to sleep on his front but he keeps waking up at night and also during the day. Going to try to rent an apnea monitor or if that fails order the angel "

" sleep). My apneas have dropped from ...for me, but I wasn't having any problems associated with apnea (no high blood pressure, no falling asleep ...found out I had severe apnea, and pract... "

" ...sure if I snore or stop breathing while I'm sleeping. I thought tired all the time and wake up sweating, waking up at night and so on. Just thought I would get everyone's... "

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