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Apnea, apnoea, or apn a (, from -, privative, , to breathe) is a term for suspension of external respiration (physi...
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167,030 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
167,030 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
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Apnea & Respiratory Rate

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" ...with a backup respiratory rate if central apneas persist. 4. The ...without any oxygen. It does seem like the sleep center is getting rid of the central apneas with the oxygen.... "

" do CPR so they ordered him to be on an apnea monitor. His monitors his heartrate and respiratory rate. If his HR goes above ...above 220). Also if he stops breathing for 20 seconds it goes... "

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" ...breathe when you're asleep- your respiratory rate. A pause of eight or how you feel. You are having less apneas by the definition of apnea- cesation of breathing f... "

" Apnea Monitor ???? Help?? You may ...regarding the leads from the apnea monitor irritated my daughters skin been told that she needs to be on an apnea monitor while she is... "

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" so, if your respiratory rate is say, 16 (x ...The # that you see people mention is their \"Apnea-Hypopnea Index\" which is the average number of times someone stops breathing for at least 10... "

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" ...similar situation, but my apnea is not as bad ...get and not regular apnea- it looks like central 10 or 12. If you can wrangle an ASV which is the treatment for central apnea I think yo... "

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" ...what happened to your respiratory rate at the same time. ...all the rest as impending apneas. That's how they're programmed. ...of those \"predictors\" preceded my apneas. Consequently, I... "

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" ...ipproved alot she used to apnea all the time, she is ...better now but still having apneas, hers are caused from bother ...wich is another cause for apnea We dopnt have that problem... "

" ...little one's were diagnosed with apnea, and discovered how challenging ...any Central or Mixed apneas? 3) How were his oxygen saturation levels, CO2, heart and respiratory rate during the study... "

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" AHI? When were my Apneas and when were my Hypopneas ...switched me to BiLevel S/T mode, what was my Respiratory rate, and Inspiratory time, and also, what did you set... "

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