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Apnea, apnoea, or apn a (, from -, privative, , to breathe) is a term for suspension of external respiration (physi...
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166,771 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
166,771 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
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Apnea & Red Blood Cell Count

We found 24 discussions
" ...sleep in an apnea tent. No extra work, ...all seriousness, some basic dry apnea training will improve ... "

" Add more DYN training to increase your RBC count. Static apnea doesn't do much for your body in that regard. No WU is the thing these days but... "

" ...heard of some cases where apnea may cause an increase in red blood cell count because of the hypoxia. The ...donating blood because the increased red blood cell count is due to a normal... "

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" Your red blood cell count could also be elevated from ...during the day. When your off of AS, the apnea may subside, and your red blood cell count will lower. Not a big deal. Other than that,... "

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" ...Red Blood Cell Count I ordered a 43 ...sleep apnea. Part of the apnea is that I have a very high red blood cell ...that using HCG before this condition gets under control might increase the ... "

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" ...some adjusts to live with Apnea, and these \"adjustments\" are no longer in place. For instance, my red blood cell count was elevated prior to diagnosis,... "

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" ...some patients with OSA the red blood cell count is elevated. This is called ...lower oxygen saturations with the apneas. If you have more red... "

" ...stop breathing every 5 minutes in my sleep. You wouldnt know unless you have a sleep study. Maybe get checked for lyme disease. Do you have any history of a tick bite or exposure to ticks like hav... "

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" ...have indicated a need for a sleep study: high red blood cell count (RBC), high hemocrit, high RDW...esp if all 3 are ...for all being high. Untreated apnea with its nightly oxygen deprivation... "

" that can contribute to apnea by closing off the throat ...chronic fatigue, brain fog, and your higher than usual red blood cell count. Your Dr can order the oximetry test, either nighttime... "

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