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Apnea, apnoea, or apn a (, from -, privative, , to breathe) is a term for suspension of external respiration (physi...
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166,788 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
166,788 conversations around the web about Apnea to help you make a decision
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Apnea & Hiatal Hernia

0.22% of the posts that mention Hiatal Hernia also mention Apnea (92 posts)
Hiatal Hernia
We found 92 discussions
" moderate to severe and stop breathing 15 times and hour. I ...using my machine. I also was told I have diverticulm & a sliding hiatus hernia with pre-op testing. I was so scared they would... "

" ...check into. I have hiatal hernia, GERD and all the ...once treated. I still get panic attacks associated with the hernia, ...incline due to GERD/hernia. When apnea hits, you can't breathe ... "

" ...I have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and have now ...wrap) about 10 years ago to correct a paraesophageal hiatus hernia. That involveds taking your ...could be related to apnea and if there... "

" ...used to it. While I continue to snore and stop breathing at this level, I also get severe bloating; bad enough that I have to take it for awhile. I have hiatus hernia so I suspect that may... "

" dad's house i had a half-sister. sylvia had a hiatal hernia that did not show up with 2 upper GIs ...he will not end up with surgery. when they stop breathing for a few seconds with reflux i... "

" ...the reflux. I also take Nexium, and have been told alternative solution!) I have a hiatal hernia, common to most of my ...this prevalant malady is not apnea nor onions, but bad digestiv... "

" ...have found out we have hiatal hernias when this test ...hernia repair has done me as much good as the lap band in these early ...snoring is gone, and my apnea machine has been returned! ... "

" I think you should see to the hiatal hernia first. It would certainly aggravate GERD. If it was ...have this done first. With the level of your apnoea, surgery may well work for you. I don't kno... "

" ...wrong side. i also have a hiatal hernia and since i have been ...still gets into my stomach any thoughts. i have heart disease so i so deperately want to get a ...that the cause of the ap... "

" #11 I have sleep apnea and very restless sleep. in September to the hiatal hernia surgery in October to the ...with the weight loss my apnea was better. Well I was very... "

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