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Aortic Valve Replacement + Ultrasound

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17 conversations around the web about Aortic Valve Replacement + Ultrasound to help you make a decision
17 conversations around the web about Aortic Valve Replacement + Ultrasound to help you make a decision
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Aortic Valve Replacement & Ultrasound

We found 17 discussions
" ...told me it was a 'faint mumur'. The cardiologist recommended an angiogram and ultrasound. The patient had emergency aortic valve replacement three days after first presenting in the... "

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" ...detect the disection & ultrasound is useful for the ...associated.....HTN(most of 'em)...cystic medial degeneration,eg:marfan,?Ehler Danlos..aortic valve replacement....& surprise..3rd trimester... "

" have an aortic valve replacement). However, me and ...and her husband has the same heart condition. The cardiologists have been monitoring their baby's heart via ultrasound in the pregnancy... "

" ...been told that I had an occlusion (blood clot) in the popliteal artery ...I went in for an ultrasound of the legs and that ...old and have had an aortic valve replacement. ANy feedback would... "

" ...of 1999 for what was supposed to be an aortic valve replacement. After the valve was replaced, they removed the cross-clamp ...refer me to a radiologist for a sonogram of the abdominal aorta ev... "

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" ...doesn't have to return to dialysis. Plus they did a sonogram yesterday of his heart (he has a 13 yr old aortic valve replacement) and stomach areas. So, tired doesn't begin to describe... "

" ...days post op from aortic valve replacement, mazing, and shaving of ...of ICU, and he was still experiencing A-FIB. Yesterday he went back in for an esophigial ultrasound, and they stopped and... "

" ...anuerysm and a St Judes Aortic valve replacement surgery on 6/7/00. I had ...2-d echo and abdominal aortic sonogram. Thallium treadmill results say that ...year old male, I have no chest pa... "

" ...I have been taking prenatal vitamins in hopes to ...I was pregnant. I have an aortic valve replacement and my OB is planning ...weeks, I will have a fetal-cardiac ultrasound to see if there ... "

" ...situation with my Dad. In 1999 he had a quadruple bypass surgery and he did very well. He did ...needed to do an aortic valve replacement and they injured law for an ultrasound on the... "

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