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Aortic Stenosis

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(Aortic valve stenosis)
Aortic valve stenosis (AS) is a valvular heart disease in which the opening of the aortic valve is narrowed. The aortic valve is...
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6,470 conversations around the web about Aortic Stenosis to help you make a decision
6,470 conversations around the web about Aortic Stenosis to help you make a decision
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Aortic Stenosis & Alcohol

We found 27 discussions
" ...lifting, high blood pressure, aortic stenosis, aortic valve insufficiency, excessive alcohol consumption, and a bunch case, 41 years of severe aortic valve insufficiency (leaky bicuspid va... "

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" ...He was diagnosed with gallstone pancreatitis 15 days ago, and underwent ERCP and stone ...smoking, but drinks alcohol occasionally. You decide ...ago C) Critical aortic stenosis D) Severe ... "

" ...about five years ago. Agree, aortic stenosis, doesn't cause ED. I know, I lived with aortic stenosis for 10 years with no problem from ...pressure pressure problems. No alcohol other than ... "

" ...even if it settles down, Hope this helps a bit.Alcohol and nicotine can cause \"palpitations\" too. Do you have any breathlessness or pain ? What else do you know about the aortic stenosis? Regard... "

" I have used antibiotic cream, pure alcohol and peroxide. I am not supposed to have any infection, no matter how email, I am now being monitored for aortic stenosis.... not bad enough... "

" ...has NO alcohol in it. the aortic stenosis, but they didn't come back until ...again, perhaps she is having some hormonal changes bringing these on. The quinine sulfate REALLY helps m... "

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" ...feel sadness that she is so weak. I feel sad ...true in my family. My father died of Aortic Valve Stenosis, and my mom has the same thing. My sister and I ...up our home with alcohol. I am co... "

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" ...cardiomyopathy--alcohol,wet beriberi,coxsackievirus,Chagas disease,miocarditis,doxorubicin,cocaine hypertrophic cardiomyopathy--most cases are idiopathic.Other ca... "

" ...I was treated for valvular aortic stenosis, with the Ross procedure back in 2002. So far, ...and I dont know if its ok to drink alcohol. Does anyone... "

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" ...pragnancy. 10. herpes simplex 11. aortic stenosis or calcification 12. pericarditis fibrin ...13. spiderangioma ( pragnancy and alcohol) 14.marasmus 15.... "

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