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Anxiety (also called angst or worry) is a Psychology and Physiology state characterized by Somatic nervous system, emotion...
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Common Anxiety treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 124,561 Zoloft 73,843 Klonopin 71,635
4,107,998 conversations around the web about Anxiety to help you make a decision
4,107,998 conversations around the web about Anxiety to help you make a decision
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Anxiety & Stiff Fingers

1.44% of the posts that mention Stiff Fingers also mention Anxiety (21 posts)
Stiff Fingers
We found 21 discussions
" ...i seem to have anxiety, but is it normal to hyperventilate w/ an anxiety attack? i seem to do this a lot and i just don't know how to get rid off it. anxiety attacks have started ...get stiff fi... "

" ...i also use to get that horrible stiff fingers were u have hyperventilated so ...symptons that scare the S..t out of u, but once u have learnt to control it its ok, I suffer with anxiety on a dai... "

" ...anxiety. I'm truly over the worst, thinking I wasn't going to be on this planet for much longer. And in a constant state of panic. And the after effects today are having symptoms which smaller yet ... "

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" ...Brain fog, anxiety, fatigue, stiff ...conditions. Any other information: I suspect there’s an inflammatory component to POIS given my partial relief from NSAIDs. Also, my stiff fingers and... "

" left hand. I have fairly stiff fingers when I wake up, but ...couple of weeks I feel dull pain in my left hip. ...I am 50 and suffer from severe anxiety. What could this be? The... "

" silent reflux. But that still doesn't explain my stiff fingers and other symptoms . Wish me luck.. Lets hope they don't say it's anxiety!... "

" ...of the symptoms there are connected with anxiety.. I'm not sure... "

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" ...a stiff back, numbness in my left knee, stiff fingers, ...What I mean by that is once you start paying close attention to your body, and amplify everything with fear, you find all sorts of ..... "

" and have it HEIGHTEN MY ANXIETY....I was simply trying ...was like. However, I've been having very stiff fingers and toes the ...almost immobile, and my right heel twitches and tingles... "

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" ...of people on here say aniexty could be the cause of ...the questions about als. How could muscle cramps and stiff fingers be attributed to aniexty? Maybe i am over thinking a lot of things... "

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