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Anxiety (also called angst or worry) is a Psychology and Physiology state characterized by Somatic nervous system, emotion...
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Common Anxiety treatments discussed around the web
Xanax 123,377 Zoloft 73,105 Klonopin 70,766
4,066,308 conversations around the web about Anxiety to help you make a decision
4,066,308 conversations around the web about Anxiety to help you make a decision
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Anxiety & Light Sensitivity

4.74% of the posts that mention Light Sensitivity also mention Anxiety (1,866 posts)
Light Sensitivity
We found 1,866 discussions
" sound, but get really sensitive to light when my anxiety is bad. Especially ...glasses which helps. When my anxiety is not around at all I can walk around the stores without a problem -... "

" ...the case? For me...depression is worse but my focus is a bit better. Anxiety worse but sound and light sensitivity seem to have improved. I know there are others but there are so many sxs that... "

" ...weeks, then finally the 300mg. I did experience many of the same side effects, the most troublesome ones were the headaches and the impact it had on my sleep. I also experiences intense sensitivit... "

" ...i try to stop taking it i my eyes get VERY sensitive to light, mainly when i go outside and i feel a little dizzy and out of it. Mainly its the light sensitivity that bothers me though, if i was t... "

" ...klonopin once daily. I joined this forum because I am tapering off of 2 mg daily and I have in so far made it to 0.5. mg daily within a period of three months or so. I am currently going through a ... "

" know how I said I have lightheadedness, blurred vision and my eyes are sensitive to light well I know the med is bringing that out in me. IT is scary. But tonight I will go ahead and up my do... "

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" ...reasons. Suddenly I have this kinda dull pain on the left ...suffer from similar symptoms, can this be caused by anxiety /stress? I'm also suffering from light sensitivity/photophobia a lot ... "

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" ...this before and yes it's anxiety. You wouldn't wake up feeling wasn't anxiety. I had sensitivity to light for months because I kept fretting about it being something non-anxiety related. I... "

" ...eyes became much less sensitive to light, my desire to be social came back in a huge way, my hypochondria significantly diminished, and my aggression level dropped. Yes, my muscles are very... "

" ...and what? My mom who takes sinemet (parkinsons') and oxybutin(for her bladder control) along with her other sleep and anxiety meds.. Her ...for her) her eyes were sensitive to light as well.... "

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