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Anxiety Symptoms

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Common Anxiety Symptoms treatments discussed around the web
Diazepam 701 Valium 307 Versed 37
27,227 conversations around the web about Anxiety Symptoms to help you make a decision
27,227 conversations around the web about Anxiety Symptoms to help you make a decision
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Anxiety Symptoms & Sinus Pressure

0.08% of the posts that mention Sinus Pressure also mention Anxiety Symptoms (10 posts)
Sinus Pressure
Anxiety Symptoms
We found 10 discussions
" ...they also have an increase in sinus and nasal congestion, or general ...myself. I have lots of anxiety symptoms, and they seem to go hand in hand with increased sinus pressure, and increased sin... "

" ...over. Massive massive headache, sinus pressure, more stomach pain and ...managed to completely wean myself off the klonopin I had taken on it. My anxiety symptoms are so physical that... "

" ...a bit of dizziness. Have I mentioned the insane sinus pressure that makes my vision screwy? ...of appetite? I have lost over 10 lbs in the last ...thinks it is simply anxiety symptoms and tha... "

" miserable! I have this sinus pressure, but not like a cold. ...when laying down. That is calcium crystals in the inner ...make everything worse with the anxiety symptoms on top of it... "

" ...not painful) head and sinus pressure for an hour or ...was previously coupled with anxiety symptoms such as palpitations. More ...when intact I'm suffering from bad allergies? I've never ... "

" I've had on-and-off sinus pressure like this for about ten ...hand with a few other anxiety symptoms I seem to be having, ...ever experienced (and I've had bacterial meningitis). The change in a... "

" It sounds like sinus pressure anxiety. Not a brain tumor. Most people here ...Tingling and buzzing are one of the most common anxiety symptoms IMO. My mom went through a period of time... "

" I read a lot of posts describing common panic/anxiety symptoms, however, I tend to experience a lot of these ...get fullness/ringing in the ears, sinus pressure, tingling from neck down arms,... "

" ...helping to reduce my anxiety symptoms. Within the last two ...moderate and sometimes severe sinus pressure with no congestion/discharge. After ...I noticed the sinus pressure and pain subsi... "

" I think it is sinus pressure Afternoon All, I am hoping ...been dealing with my normal anxiety symptoms since then as many of ...I definitely feel it is sinus pressure, it's in the eye a... "

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