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Antiseptic is taken for: Infection Acne Itching Rash Scab More


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Method of use: Spray
Prescribing mode: OTC
Antiseptics are antimicrobials that are applied to living biological tissue/skin to reduce the possibility of infection, sepsis, or p...
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Antiseptic for Infection
42,276 conversations around the web about Antiseptic to help you make a decision
We analyzed what people said about Antiseptic and compared it to other Infection medications
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Based on medical discussions around the web

Antiseptic & Married

We found 65 discussions
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" ...married someone like you. (Three far to treat your acne? René (my husband) has recently started using tea tree oil, which has antiviral, antibacteri... "

" ...(two different men; not married; then married). I never have sex with me, sometimes with a little 'Dettol', an antiseptic. In 30 years of living with this virus, to the best of my know... "

" ...I share your pain, I am blessed that I am married and have the ...SUPPURATIVE (google it). Hibiclens- Antiseptic/Antimicrobial skin cleanser (this is amazing)! Advanced Anitbacterial flexible... "

" ...underarms, between legs. Tried antiseptic cream, no relief. Treatment ...I m getting married in 10 weeks ...the ones under my arms. I am applying antiseptic cream regularly but nothing is hel... "

" I got married on June 19th. Had the ...only happen to me!!! The hotel staff were great though, they provided water, vinegar, antiseptic wipes and antihistamine!!! The DH got me a glass... "

Post from
" I am 23 years old married woman with one child I ...not me. My OBGYN used a antiseptic gel to rub on my ...the dizzyness went away. I am however still cramping, especially after I have... "

" ...was a nurse... They stayed married until her death, but When dh and I married (and I moved in ...about dirt, but he hates hates hates antiseptic cleanliness. He gets uncomfortabl... "

Post from
" ...this a little...\ \ I'm married - have one daughter - ...for YEARS....\ \ I have bled all over them - ...worry overly much --- use proper antiseptic,etc.\ \ And worry about other... "

" ...whose spouses 'strayed' (what an antiseptic way of saying they were ...KNEW they were with a married man and did it anyway, ...didn't know the guy was married. My STBX's OW knew he... "

" ...and dust in the air (antiseptic) as this would accumulate on ...over time. (Yes I am married ) No plants of course... "

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