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Antioxidant is taken for: Vitamin Deficiency Mineral Deficiencies


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Method of use: Pill
Category: Dietary supplement
antioxidant is a molecule capable of inhibiting the Redox of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that transfers electron...
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Antioxidant for Vitamin Deficiency
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Antioxidant & Testosterone Measurement

We found 732 discussions
" ...issues. Clomid is for low testosterone, I'm guessing your DH taking CoQ10, an antioxidant and L-carnitine for his morphology and motility issues. IUI is a go... "

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" ...body is not transforming its testosterone into estrogens as well as ...unwind with, and exercise. Take some vitamin B12 supplements for the hair ...Vitamins A,C, E for their antioxidant... "

" ...would also try low dose naltrexone (LDN). High dose antioxidants, bioidentical estrogen, progesterone and testosterone can also be beneficial PN,. I assume you have insulin resistance and leptin... "

" Hi Elaine-- My DH had varicocele surgery in 2004 after our first two IVF ...3 months after the procedure. My DH also took 3 months of Arimidex (testosterone) and antioxidants. Best wishes to... "

" ...has prostate cancer - Gleason ...worried that the side effects of Lupron are harmful ...Is Prostasol a testosterone suppressant? I believe Cantron/Protocel is a super antioxidant? It seems th... "

" ...Avodart and Flomax. The Avodart helps control the cancer by blocking the DHT (the stronger form of Testosterone) and Flomax helps keep My docs took me off of antioxidants as they said... "

" ...So. If you stimulated more testosterone somehow or just increased it, took lipoic acid to calm your insulin resistance and act as a good antioxidant......... would you be cured? I... "

" also related to low testosterone level. Fertyl is a induce ovulation. Clomifene citrate has been found very effective in the treatment ...inflammation. Lyco 100 is an antioxidant and... "

" mimic testosterone's natural rhythm ...some mild weight gain (probably due to water retention from the creatine). I'm running ...Aromatase Inhibitors, Antioxidant/Anti-inflammatories, or ... "

" ...ive been using an esterified vitamin e supp from gnc ...with vit c for antioxidant purposes, taken right after ...testicular sensitivity for increased testosterone production ?Raises HDL whi... "

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