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Shortness Of Breath

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Dyspnea ( also dyspnoea Latin language: dyspnoea Greek language: , d spnoia), shortness of breath ...
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Common Shortness Of Breath treatments discussed around the web
Prednisone 5,634 Albuterol 3,936 Ventolin 2,323
832,148 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
832,148 conversations around the web about Shortness Of Breath to help you make a decision
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Antibiotics & Shortness Of Breath

We found 13,606 discussions
Post from
" ...breathing I have problems breathing stuffed forehead and back ...headache i took antibiotics named avelox combine... "

Post from
" ...I get breathless just sitting and also can wake up breathless and find it hard to sleep at times. Hope your antibiotics work for y... "

" ...your surgery? Shortness of breath was only an ...iv antibiotics), I was not short of breath anymore. Take... "

" ...a breathing difficulty at the moment and is short of breath the whole day. someone has suggested predisone alongwith antibiotics. can... "

Post from
" ...She is on antibiotics for the chest infection. ...coughing Saturday and the antibiotics started yesterday so I'm ...Shes not having any problems breat... "

" Have now had three of the antibiotics feel breathless and dizzy , sure it ...something to do with the antibiotics, I don't know wheth... "

Post from
" shortness of breath and swelling to the face ...emergency room if i am short of breath from an abscessed tooth that ...since i have been taking a... "

" ...all my joints hurt Hurts to take a deep breath Doctor gave me antibiotics but I don't think... "

" ...He has to have antibiotics and an inhaler because he is finding it hard to breath with his tonsils... "

" ...infection and he gave me antibiotics allergy tablet so my ...i got throat infection so breathing problem is normal ? and after taking medicine i feel breathin "

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