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Dark Urine

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(Urine abnormality)
5,705 conversations around the web about Dark Urine to help you make a decision
5,705 conversations around the web about Dark Urine to help you make a decision
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Antibiotics & Dark Urine

We found 188 discussions
" ...dreadful cramping and was unable to walk @ ...urine infection, had dark urine, bit smelly (tmi) 1 week of antibiotics, and it went... "

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" ...from a prescription antibiotic with sulfur. Drug ...extremely high fever 105.5, dark urine, fatigued. Pumped me full of IV. Apparently I am alle... "

" ...Med Dr. I had a bout with tea dark urine. Urine has improved with antibiotics & lots of water & cranberry juice. I'll feel better getting checked over again. Otherwise doing well... "

" ...kidney infection I had : Chills Fever Weakness Fatigue Extreme lower back pain Dark urine ... [snip!] ... back pain Dark urine with bad smell ...or get some antibiotics.\"This, exactly. I... "

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" ...the doctor, my grandfather had dark urine and didn't go for a ...they found out that his UTI had gotten so bad ...could get out with some antibiotics, or he could tell you... "

" ...I've had UTI's with no pain at all, just the when I had one, but I have had bad UTI's with only pressure and dark urine). And the antibiotics may not have gotten everything, so it is... "

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" WFE I am taking the same antibiotic as you right now. I get that dark urine from it also. It scared the pants off me the first time. I thought it was old blood in my urine. I only get it... "

" Cloudy / dark urine is my first warning, smelly ...are empty. I also get chronic bladder spasms which are hellishly painfull. ...I cannot get access to antibiotics within 24 hr i have... "

" ...strong? Even with the Flintstones vitamins, I still have dark urine. And the frequency could just have something to do ...out -- they gave me antibiotics & in about 2 weeks... "

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" ...has urine infection and I don't want to give her antibiotics (never had before). It seems to be a mild infection and I am going to try with cranberry concentrate. Should I expect dark urine whil... "

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