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antifungal medication is a medication used to treat fungi infections such as athlete's foot, ringworm, candidiasis (thrush), serious ...
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Anti Fungal for Candida
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Does Anti Fungal cause Hair Loss ?

#3 in Anti Fungal discussions - 584 posts discuss Hair Loss with Anti Fungal. Hair Loss is #3 concern in Anti Fungal discussions.
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We found 584 discussions
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about GSE working as an anti-fungal also. I forgot...
" interesting about GSE working as an anti-fungal also. I forgot the concentration, ...know not a lot has been said about GSE and hair loss directly in a while, but... "

Although it works well as an anti-fungal and to treat...
" minimize the distress your hair loss has caused you because, clearly, ...(at least in preventing further hair loss) by beginning a well-researched regime. ...good idea. Although it works well as an... "

Post from
the directory I have, hair loss is not offically listed as...
" ...high dose oral form. Nizoral is the name of the oral anti-fungal agent. Any drug induced hair loss is almost always a telogen or anagen effluvium and never involves hair follicle miniaturization.... "

the anti-fungal drugs have hair loss as a side effect....
" I have heard the anti-fungal drugs have hair loss as a side effect. You... "

Post from
e's now on the correct anti fungal tablets and we're us...
" ...fully go? Did she have permanent hair loss? What can I do to help her? I've cut her hair off short as the knots were very large (too painfully to bush) she's now on the correct anti fungal tablets... "

te-surfactants used in commercial anti-fungal shampoos cause...
" ...includes a discussion about increased hair shedding and malassezia: I think ...the inflammation intensity.� Sulfate-surfactants used in commercial... "

their hair. Using vaginal anti-fungal creams on your head...
" ...act responsibly when it comes to their hair. Using vaginal anti-fungal creams on your head to try and make your ...eye or something? I had major bald spots, thin spots, no hairline and... "

irloss. Coal Tar additives to anti-fungal shampoos do not...
" T/Gel's active ingredient is Coal Tar, which is an anti-fungal targeting fungus that creates an ...DHT-induced inflammatory action and accelerates hairloss. Coal Tar additives to anti-fungal... "

he prescribed me anti-fungal shampoo and topical ste...
" Alopecia or infection? Hi, About 1.5 ...nails when i scratch my scalp, itching and bumps on my I saw my doctor and he said its either some fungal infection or alopecia, and he prescribed me... "

by Domperinone. Prescribed anti fungal and antibiotic from...
" ...3 and 4 now.  It's my first treatment after diagnosis.  I lost my hair, despite cold cap.  Lost one ...cycle but now minimal. Slight nausea, controlled by Domperinone.  Prescribed anti fungal and... "

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