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Spondylolisthesis describes the anterior or posterior displacement of a vertebra or the vertebrae column in relation to the vertebrae ...
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634 conversations around the web about Anterolisthesis to help you make a decision
634 conversations around the web about Anterolisthesis to help you make a decision
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Anterolisthesis & Back Pain

13.2% of the posts that mention Anterolisthesis also mention Back Pain (84 posts)
Back Pain
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Back Pain
We found 84 discussions
" ...graft. I have suffered from back pain for about 7 ...year that I had bilateral pars defect with anterolisthesis and severe stenosis. I ...get. I was having symptoms in legs including numbness... "

" ...query I concluded that you are having chronic backache. On X ray you are ...defect at L5,S1 with anterolisthesis of grade 1. It ...of life and manifests as backache. Grade 1 anterolisthesis m... "

" Hi doctor,my mom was suffering with back pain since 5 months and doctors advised to take MRI ...of thecal sac concavity L3-L4, Anterolisthesis of L5 over S1, Diffuse... "

" My 23 year son has had back pain for a My 23 year son has had back pain for a few weeks since doing a dumbell lift ...and Xray showed Grade 1 anterolisthesis of L5 as well as... "

" ...mother(age- 47 years) is suffering severe back pain problem. My mother(age- 47 years) is suffering severe back pain problem. The MRI report says: GRADE 1 ANTEROLISTHESIS AT L4-L5 LEVEL WITH POSTERO... "

" name is Tania i have been suffering back pain since about 16 I am ...have 6 lumbar type vertabral bodies.There is 3cm of anterolisthesis on L6 S1.There is significant loss of disc height... "

" Hi Frenchy, I had PLIF for anterolisthesis L4-5 on August 5th. I had hip pain that leg. I have had chronic back pain off and on for ...the future. I still have back pain when I do active t... "

" ...patient u are suffering from lumbar spondylosis with multiple level disc degeneration and added anterolisthesis of l4-5. you will know your profession as back pain and profession has... "

" ...late 20 something girl has 10 mm anterolisthesis. I'm actually not treating her ...tell). Symptomatically, there is ONLY back pain, no radicular or neurological findings.... "

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" ...have spondylolisthesis. Grade one anterolisthesis associated with bilateral L5 ...all of my pain was in my back and nowhere else. ...pain stopped. I have experienced more back pain since havi... "

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