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(Angina pectoris)
Angina pectoris, commonly known as angina, is severe chest pain due to ischemia (a lack of blood, thus a lack of oxygen supply) ...
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Common Angina treatments discussed around the web
Atenolol 384 Metoprolol 268 Amlodipine 232
29,491 conversations around the web about Angina to help you make a decision
29,491 conversations around the web about Angina to help you make a decision
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Angina & Lupus

0.41% of the posts that mention Angina also mention Lupus (122 posts)
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We found 122 discussions
" ...all were premature my 15 year old was born 9 weeks premature and has autism have only found out in the last3 years had lupus had signs all my life but nobody picked it up my rheumi says... "

" Angina and APS Hi Does anyone out there have APS with angina? I have Lupus and this chest pain, which sometimes comes on its ...was done. I also have bleeding gums and nose sometimes. Anyone... "

" ...whl i have lupus . thyroid, fibro, and angina, i take plaquenil , prednisone, and mtx, we a... "

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" Hi BonusMom My dx is lupus/sjs overlap based on SjS symptoms but lupus bloodwork. I don't have organ hubby was having pains similar to what you describe and he was dxd with angina. Take... "

" hi am sorry about what you are going through i have lupus but my husband is dealing with having slow heart beat first it races ...what you are going through i myself also have angina take care of... "

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" Lupus can be tricky to diagnos because unless your having a flare up it won't show ...attack feelings. I have lupus and last summer ...called the ambulance. They felt it was just angina? ( not s... "

" ...suffering from lupus too, so ...treat micro vascular angina. Wow, now I ...have micrvasvular angina before you had a heart attack and were your symptoms different from your angina? Still... "

" say i am from York uk am 48 live with my soulmate john ,have2 grown up daughters ,left home years ago, was dixnsd3yrs ago lupus,arthritis(for25yrs) angina 1yr fibromyalga and still plodding... "

" ...mother has lupus systemic for 35yrs I ...I have been told systemic lupus Ardith.. can mimic other deceases like fibril..and angina and other things can fibril mimic lupus, I have very similar... "

" ...lost mine 10 yrs ago before lupus.) It's the time-keeper of ...even the best lupus medicine might not ...your Grave's disease.) There are a lot of courses of treatment for lupus, but few ... "

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