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aneurysm or aneurism (from - aneurusma "dilatation", from - aneurunein "to dilate") is a localized, blood-filled bal...
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46,234 conversations around the web about Aneurysm to help you make a decision
46,234 conversations around the web about Aneurysm to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Aneurysm

Aneurysm & Enlarged Heart

0.32% of the posts that mention Enlarged Heart also mention Aneurysm (42 posts)
Enlarged Heart
We found 42 discussions
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" ...assumed it would be related to HCM as his overall heart is enlarged. I also saw only info on the aneurysm and that was corrected through open heart surgery. I... "

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" ...I even do that with a pacemaker? I had right heart enlargement prior to my open heart surgery (ASD and severe atrial aneurysm--it looked like the letter \"S\"). After which, it improved... "

" I had a murmur no one else paid attention to and had an aneurysm of operable size and an enlarged heart, leaking aortic valve.) Before my 2nd avr, my hands and feet, ankles were... "

" ...Kris have an enlarged heart? Says who? Cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) and cardiomyopathy (types vary ...Hypertension can cause an aneurysm to burst but it did not cause the aneurysm. Kris is ... "

" ...Nov.2009 showed I had an enlarged heart & eventually had an ...was told I had an aneurysm which needed operating on. ...much quicker, the time I had to wait was unbearable and frustrating and... "

" ...had an aneurysm next to his aortic valve for 15 years ...we have an oxygen tank , a suction machine, pulse oxygen meter, blood pressure monitor, etc. Every night is scary, I fear every night of ... "

" ...definitely DONT have an enlarged heart. It is natural human ...of oh I had jaw pain for 2 years ...attack, or oh I had terrible headaches for so long then I had an aneurysm. Most of the ti... "

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" ...young man. Sometimes there are things going on insde seemingly healthy people - enlarged heart, aneurysm, etc. - that we just have no idea about. You can be assured... "

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" ...playing a game. It's a possibility he had an undiagnosed problem, like an aneurysm or enlarged heart. And there is a sad possibility he could have been taking illegal steroids... "

" ...basically medspeak for enlargement, and an abnormal enlargement is an aneurysm. For years, I was told I had an \"enlarged heart,\" which some docs even attributed to my being involved... "

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