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Stomach Problems

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(Upset stomach)
Dyspepsia , also known as upset stomach or indigestion, refers to a condition of impaired digestion. It is a medical cond...
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Common Stomach Problems treatments discussed around the web
Pepto-Bismol 1,854 Nexium 1,189 Prevacid 843
310,259 conversations around the web about Stomach Problems to help you make a decision
310,259 conversations around the web about Stomach Problems to help you make a decision
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Anesthesia & Stomach Problems

We found 305 discussions
" the anesthesia or all the blood....(ick), but, he is some noodle soup in him......he is resting.... I had my wisdom teeth out about 33 years ago....oh, man....I can still rememb... "

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" ...some comfort food, and junk food. Some people have an upset stomach for a day or so after anesthesia, so you want some basics like applesauce, oatmeal, toast,... "

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" ...GI. I've take a lot of Ibuprophen for inflammation and have had some stomach problems. So, that ...some anesthesia. It ...I do prop up on pillows now and then. Plus I take prilosec which help... "

" Also forgot to mention anesthesia can make you not digest ...around that you usually like after you have had a stomach upset. And lots of comfort food. I also really wanted... "

" ...addicted to plastic surgries I have to admit Also anesthesia used to be really bad and people have upset stomach etc afterward. Now, they gave you medication to prevent... "

" ...laminectomy 6 weeks ago, I have been having strange stomach problems. My appetite is really off. It ranges from feeling sick to my stomach, to still from the anethesia? Maybe the pain m... "

" ...did have an upset stomach, but that was from the antibiotics they gave me. Did they give you any to prevent any potential infection? My doctor told ...(who has also had anesthesia) said he tho... "

" stomach - maybe Reglan? It acted very quickly and the queesiness went away and I was able to quit worrying about having an upset stomach while on the OR table. The anesthesia nurse was so nice... "

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" ...old goes under anesthesia for dental work ...although he has a slight fever ....I wonder .... He has a little upset stomach today too and I wonder if this is from the anesthesia...His face al... "

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" ...the anesthesia and morphine still. just a thought that might help with the yucky feeling without having to do meds, I always tell my niece when she has an upset stomach---try saltines, ginger ale... "

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