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Chest Hurts

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16,555 conversations around the web about Chest Hurts to help you make a decision
16,555 conversations around the web about Chest Hurts to help you make a decision
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Anesthesia & Chest Hurts

We found 20 discussions
" ...were awesome. My experience with coming out of the anesthesia is always horrible. I remember saying \"why do I hurt so bad, my chest hurts, I want to die.\" This... "

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" ...side, hurts like hell. My chest hurts. My wife, a cardiac nurse, ...edema on Monday. I spent yesterday getting counseled by anaesthesia nurses, getting blood drawn, and a chest... "

" ...Literally just got home from the operation place. My chest hurts a little but just took an oxy. If anyones got any questions ill try my get them removed. The anesthesia was no big deal imo... "

" breathe normally, and my chest hurts really bad along with it... an affect of the anesthesia or something, the spirometer helped was bcz of the anesthesia. I dont know, but i... "

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" ...listened to me gave her 3/4's dose of the normal propofol (anesthesia) for weight and she did great was awake in 10 ...down I can't breath my chest hurts and I just want to... "

" first experience with Twilight Anesthesia on Thursday. I went in ...of a person with pneumonia. My chest hurts horribly and it is hard ...else experienced similar symptoms from this anest... "

" ...eyes. I see blackbspace with white lights and my chest hurts and my brain feels tingly and I feel like ...kinda like being put under anesthesia but worse, and I think... "

" ...far was a headache all morning,uncontrollable shaking as the anesthesia wore off and sore ribs. But even with them constricted & looking tight, I... "

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" ...little bit and came back. My knee hurts really bad to the ...I had a serious inury. My chest hurts a little. I guess I'll wait a while. Maybe the anesthesia of the alcohol is making... "

" ...ERs where I needed morphine and puked all the way home. I've had cramps, I've had no cramps. I've had spotting, I've had white underwear. ...mean anything. Could the chest ache be related to ... "

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