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Anemia ( American and British English spelling differences number Simplification of ae and oe anaemia and an mia from Gr...
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Common Anemia treatments discussed around the web
Procrit 3,715 Ferrous Sulfate 1,168 Slow Fe 941
372,955 conversations around the web about Anemia to help you make a decision
372,955 conversations around the web about Anemia to help you make a decision
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Best hospitals for treating Anemia

Anemia & Trouble Swallowing

0.32% of the posts that mention Trouble Swallowing also mention Anemia (394 posts)
Trouble Swallowing
We found 395 discussions
" ...we'd talk about an iron supplement if my iron came back low. I was concerned about that too since I've been anemic in the past, but ...and since I have a really hard time swallowing big pills th... "

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" ...folic acid at the moment but am worried I'm not getting all the right vitamins elsewhere. I take iron tablets every day because last year I was diagnosed with anemia ...they are very hard to sw... "

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" ...I have difficulty swallowing, so I know what you mean about pills. I was severely anemic in October 2009 so I have no choice but to take iron supplements now ...MS and anemia. It seems... "

" ...had difficulty swallowing, due to anaemia. Various docs had refused to admit I had anaemia only 'iron deficiency' which apparently is different! Endo put me on high dose of oral iron. W... "

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" ...have found. I have a hard time swallowing pills. As it ...thyroid meds & Vit B12 sublingually. They work so much better that way. I do swallow a mega-dose of iron for my anemia. There seems ... "

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" ...tablets So i have borderline anemia and have to collect a ...for iront tablets. I have trouble swallowing tablets so im worried how... "

" No, but I am already anemic so I wouldn't be surprised ...he does. I've been having a really hard time swallowing my prenatals so I was... "

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" well but I didn't really have trouble swallowing them and were doctor ...took a Dr prescribed iron supplement because I have a tenancy towards anemic often. If I too... "

" ...deficiency anemia you can get dysphagia. My son experienced the trouble swallowing like food was getting stuck ...couldn't swallow past it. He was anemic at the time and they... "

" ...since I was 27. I am anemic and I have to have ...want to quit but I am truly addicted. I have developed dysphagia and I really do not... "

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